Hungarian Coin Marks the 200th Anniversary of Birth of József Eötvös

The National Bank of Hungary have launched a new coin which observes the 200th anniversary of the birth of József Eötvös, Hungarian writer and statesman who is best remembered as the first great master of the Hungarian realist novel.

Baron József Eötvös was born in Buda on the 3rd September 1813 to a prominent family and was also schooled in Buda. He eventually went on to study philosophy and history at the university in Pest. Following university, he briefly worked as a government official, but then left the country after a failed romance and traveled around Europe. Upon his return, he wrote his first major novel, The Carthusians. In 1845, He published The Village Notary, which achieved international success and was the first work of Hungarian literature to receive positive critical acclaim abroad on the basis of the translations. In 1847, his work Hungary in 1514 was published, which focused on the peasant revolt led by Dózsa. Along with his prose works, he also published numerous poems, theatrical pieces and philosophical writings. As a politician, he took a centrist position. He participated in the National Diet of 1839-40 as a member of the higher council. During the Revolution of 1848, he held a post in one of the first Hungarian government ministries, where he was responsible for public worship and instruction. In 1867, he was appointed Minister of Public Worship and Education in the Prime Minister’s cabinet. He died in 1871 in Pest. His remains are interred in the family vault in Ercsi.

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The coin, struck by the Mint of Hungary is designed by Geza Kertesz. The obverse of the coin includes a depiction of Eötvös who is front-facing though at a slight angle and looking towards the left, the depiction is based on a photograph (later a lithograph) of Eötvös when he was a Minister of the government. The reverse of the coin is simple in its depiction - illustrating a single volume entitled “MUNKAI” (collective works) of Eötvös along with the coin’s denomination of 3000 Forint.







3000 Forint

.925 silver

12.5 grams

30 mm.


3000 pieces

3000 Forint

.925 silver

12.5 grams

30 mm.


2000 pieces

For more information on this and other coins available from the National Bank of Hungary, please visit the website of the Mint of Hungary at: Information offered in Hungarian and English - international orders fulfilled.

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