Junk Silver Coins: 90% Junk silver coins – sell value

i'm a huge collector of 999 silver bullion, never paid much attention to 90% Silver US Coins . However I recently purchased a few rolls of pre 65.

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90% Junk silver coins - sell value

90% Junk silver coins - sell value

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Roman Silver Coins

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Question by BobSmiith: Where do junk silver coins come from? Where do the junk silver coins that can be bought from shops or online come from? How do they find bags of them to sell?

Answer by BD in NM
Junk silver coins are just well worn specimens. They came from the mint like all other US coins but they have been well used by people and have little or no collector value. The mint made millions of these coins each year up to 1964. Then when they quit making 90% silver coinage in 1965 people started hoarding the older pieces. As time goes by people started gathering a small bunch here and a small bunch there ... now you have bags you can sell.

0bd96 junk silver coins default Junk Silver Coins: 90% Junk silver coins – sell value
Note: Since this video was posted in 2009, silver has gone up from an ounce to an ounce, meaning that George could now purchase almost worth of groceries with the same silver he traded for only worth of groceries at the time he made this video in 2009! Meanwhile, our paper dollars purchase less bread, milk and meat every day. Every American citizen should hold some physical silver as a protection from the wealth destruction that is planned for America by the finance oligarchs who own our nation, and who now own both political parties.

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  • Taiping

    Just a note to add to BD in NM, dealers bought up the small bags made large bags and found they could make a buck by selling them as bullion. Instead of melting the coins the dealers also knew that silver went up and down so kept them till it went up and resold them. This is not coin collecting but investing.

  • puapake

    So here we are 3.5 years later and silver went from $15 to $32 an ounce. Good job Mike the grocer.

  • AthleticMuscle12

    @NovaStarr even if he said 39 cents because it was 90% he still ripped you off that would make it closer to 43 cents.

  • AthleticMuscle12

    @videoluvr4204 exactly how I felt, I would never do that. I buy precious metals for a living and you never get the market value for your silver. Hold on to it and spend the fiat money!!

  • NovaStarr

    I don’t think so, I think he reduced it because the coins are 90% silver, as opposed to being solid silver.

  • videoluvr4204

    when he said that its $15 per ounce and then said its 39 cents per gram he RIPPED you off, if he divided 15 by 31 grams he should’ve payed you 48 cents per gram
    this is what these places do they pay you LESS than the market value of silver

  • Mellowman468

    If you live in UT then you can legally used Gold and Silver as Currency. Everywhere else however needs to legalize everything gold, silver, bitcoin what ever before the Fed self-destructs!

  • hoychristopher1

    hell yeah, you can eat silver =)

  • MrGiggity890

    pretty sweet video, my man…do you still do this occasionally?

  • TheBooban

    I wouldn’t want to be in the line behind you.

  • player4life11111

    Although this is shown as a potential way of using an alternative currency, this is an example of poor timing and poor decision-making on the person using the silver to buy stuff. The only feasible time that silver is really used is when the fiat currency has no value whatsoever, and it beats the purpose of an “investment/alternative” metal. By the way, I speak from a close experience with hyperinflation, silver and gold are necessary, but not copper, that was sold by the pound unfortunately.

  • vtgelectronics

    uhh, 15 dollars per ounce? wheres marty with the delorean when you need him?!

  • SpiritualFingers

    That is the smartest asian and dummest mexican looking asian I ever seen

  • koshto22

    Sup, have you thought about this method called the Intellitus Cash System? (look for it on google). My mom says it gets people plenty of cash.

  • JPMorganSuckBalls

    Your grammar is failing. It sounds like your only 8 years old, you really don’t know what your saying. I’m 17 years and i’m sure i am more smarter then your brain.

  • uchihasurvival

    you could of explain it to the guy another way instead of the kid way. how old are you? 10 i guess…

  • JPMorganSuckBalls

    I see yankees are talking shit with Hoosiers. They’re both good on silver
    Silver is Silver – Money is Money.

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