Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary

Titanic $ 2 Bill

5d01c two dollar bill titantic bill Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary

April 15th 1912 – April 15th 2012 100th Titanic Anniversary Commemorative $ 2 Bill
Genuine Legal Tender, Own A Piece of History

Incredible Features 2 Dollar Titanic Commemorative Bill:

A Genuine US Legal Tender
Crisp $ 2 Bill, Uncirculated
5 Breathtaking Beautiful Titanic Images
Get a Museum Quality Collectors Case
FREE BONUS: 3D Holographic Technology Used to Produce the Maiden Voyage 2 Dollar Bill
FREE BOUNS: Telegrams that Show Actual Messages Sent from the Sinking Titanic’s Crew

The 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic is now being honored on genuine U.S. $ 2 dollar bills.The breathtaking 100th Anniversary Titanic $ 2 Bill also comes with Titanic Maiden Voyage 3D Gold Hologram $ 2 Bill and 3 rendered Titanic Telegrams – over a $ 100 value!

The 100th RMS Anniversary Titanic is now being honored on genuine U.S. $ 2 Bills. Get your piece of history. The RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary 2 Dollar Bill features breathtaking Titanic images, which capture the romance and spectacle of this all awe inspiring ship.

The official seals from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury attest to each of the $ 2 bill’s Genuine Legal Tender status. These uncirculated $ 2 Bills are being released through this exclusive offer seen on TV from The Merrick Mint.

5d01c two dollar bill buy now Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary

Order Titanic 100th Anniversary $ 2 Bill - Get Free Bonuses

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    Two Dollar Bill

    a8582 two dollar bill 51V6Myz7gTL. SL160  Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary
    • Real paper money currency
    • Legal tender note. Face value (.00)
    • In a new rigid topload holder
    • Crisp CH-Gem condition. New, Uncirculated.
    • Ship same or next day. USPS First-Class Mail
    One Uncirculated New Two dollar bills (.00 Face Value) in a New Currency topload holder. Real paper money. The United States two-dollar bill () is a current denomination of U.S. currency. Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the obverse of the note. The design on the obverse (excluding the elements of a Federal Reserve Note) is the oldest design of current U.S. currency, having been adopted in 1929.The bill was discontinued in 1966, but was reintroduced 10 years later as part of the United States Bicentennial celebrations. Today, however, it is rarely seen in circulation and actual use. Production of the note is the lowest of U.S. paper money: under 1% of all notes currently produced are bills. This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public awareness that the bill is still in circulation, has also inspired urban legends and, on a few occasions, created problems for people trying to use the bill to make purchases. CURRENCY TOPLOAD HOLDER: Holds 6.5x3 currency. Crystal clear. Made of high impact rigid PVC. The PVC used in them Toploads contain no plasticizers or stearates. Our high impact grade PVC does not migrate and will not harm your cards, photos or Currency, while offering maximum protection and visual appeal.

    buynow big Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary
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    US Capitol tour guide demonstrating that John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence" painting appears on the back of the two-dollar bill a8582 two dollar bill 5770425459 a9088bcc62 Two Dollar Bill: Titanic $2 Bill 100th Titanic Ship Anniversary
    Image by Chris Devers Quoting from Wikipedia: Trumbull's Declaration of Independence John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence is a 12-by-18-foot oil-on-canvas painting in the United States Capitol Rotunda that depicts the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to Congress. It was based on a much smaller version of the same scene, presently held by the Yale University Art Gallery.[1] Trumbull painted many of the figures in the picture from life and visited Independence Hall as well to depict the chamber where the Second Continental Congress met. The oil-on-canvas work was commissioned in 1817, purchased in 1819, and placed in the rotunda in 1826. The painting is often described as the "Signing of the Declaration of Independence", but this is an error. The painting actually shows the five-man drafting committee presenting their draft, an event that took place on June 28, 1776, and not the signing of the document, which took place later.[2] The painting shows 42 of the 56 signers of the Declaration; Trumbull originally intended to include all 56 signers, but was unable to obtain likenesses for all of them. He also decided to depict several participants in the debate who did not sign the document, including John Dickinson, who declined to sign. Because the Declaration was debated and signed over a period of time when membership in Congress changed, the men in the painting had never all been in the same room at the same time. Thomas Jefferson seems to be stepping on the foot of John Adams in the painting, which many think is supposed to symbolize their relationship as political enemies. However, upon closer examination of the painting, it can be seen that their feet are merely close together. This part of the image was correctly depicted on the two-dollar bill version. Unpictured signers There were 14 signers of the Declaration who did not appear in the painting: • Matthew Thornton (New Hampshire) • John Hart (Virginia) • John Morton (Pennsylvania) • James Smith (Pennsylvania) • George Taylor (Pennsylvania) • George Ross (Pennsylvania) • Caesar Rodney (Delaware) • Thomas Stone (Maryland) • Thomas Nelson, Jr. (Virginia) • Francis Lightfoot Lee (Virginia) • Carter Braxton (Virginia) • John Penn (North Carolina) • Button Gwinnett (Georgia) • Lyman Hall (Georgia) On the two-dollar bill Trumbull's painting is the source of the picture on the reverse of the two-dollar bill, which cuts out the farthest four figures on the left (George Wythe, William Whipple, Josiah Bartlett and Thomas Lynch, Jr.); the farthest two figures on the right (Thomas McKean and Philip Livingston); and seated in the left rear, George Walton. The bill features 40 of the 47 figures from Trumbull's painting. Two other unknown figures are superimposed in the engraving in between Samuel Chase and Lewis Morris and between James Wilson and Francis Hopkinson, bringing the total number of figures on the reverse of the two-dollar bill to 42. Key to historical figures depicted in the painting The following key to the figures in the painting follows the numbering used by the U.S. government publication "Art of the Capitol" (in the illustration of the key shown in this section) but provides a different (hopefully clearer) description of which figure is where in the painting, so numbers are not entirely in order. Key to figures (in each group, listed from left to right): Four men seated on the far left: • 1. George Wythe • 2. William Whipple • 3. Josiah Bartlett • 5. Thomas Lynch, Jr. Seated at the table on the left: • 4. Benjamin Harrison Seated together to the right of Harrison and in front of the standing figures: • 6. Richard Henry Lee • 7. Samuel Adams • 8. George Clinton Five figures standing together on the left: • 9. William Paca • 10. Samuel Chase • 11. Lewis Morris • 12. William Floyd • 13. Arthur Middleton Three seated figures in the back between the two sets of standing figures: • 14. Thomas Heyward, Jr. • 15. Charles Carroll • 16. George Walton Set of three figures standing together in the back: • 23. Stephen Hopkins (wearing a hat) • 24. William Ellery • 25. George Clymer Ten figures seated: • 17. Robert Morris (first on the left at the table) • 18. Thomas Willing • 19. Benjamin Rush • 20. Elbridge Gerry • 21. Robert Treat Paine • 22. Abraham Clark • 26. William Hooper • 27. Joseph Hewes • 28. James Wilson • 29. Francis Hopkinson Five figures standing in front: • 30. John Adams • 31. Roger Sherman • 32. Robert R. Livingston • 33. Thomas Jefferson • 34. Benjamin Franklin Four background figures seated together near the right corner of the room: • 35. Richard Stockton • 36. Francis Lewis • 37. John Witherspoon • 38. Samuel Huntington Two figures standing in the right corner of the room: • 39. William Williams • 40. Oliver Wolcott Two foreground figures at the central table: • 42. Charles Thomson (standing) • 41. John Hancock (seated) Three figures standing at right: • 43. George Read • 44. John Dickinson • 45. Edward Rutledge Two figures seated at far right: • 46. Thomas McKean • 47. Philip Livingston

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      Mint condition as adverstised!, May 2, 2011

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      These are not really that “rare” and can be found at your local bank, however, it is really hard to find one that is uncirculated like this. So, for only $4.49, that’s not bad at all. Recommended for those who like collecting bills without the wear & tear!

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      WoW a $2 Bill, March 2, 2011
      Jake DeVott (San Francisco) –

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      I ordered my 2 dollar bill from Bloomtime and he loves it. Shipped fast and bill came in a protective case.

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